Bruce Wayne has Left the Building.

So I was flipping through channels the other day and caught the new updated  “The Batman” cartoon show and all I have to say is what the hell happened to my favorite show!? I remember when I use to wait the whole day just to catch the new episode of Batman:The Animated Series. Although it was a kids show I remember it being so dark and serious. It had music composed by an actual orchestra that fit the mood of the series, plus it had some of the best story lines that always kept me guessing. On top of ALL that the Joker was voiced by Mark Hamil (Luke Skywalker)! The show was amazing and I am sure a lot of people agree that it’s the best cartoon EVER made!!!

The show also by far had the best intro!

Compare it to this mess…

They gave Batman an odd triangle-shaped face and the villains look so shitty…sigh..It’s just not the same anymore.


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  1. you know that still comes on boomerang and I love watching it

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