Dilla Day.

So today I am sharing these first two parts of a three part documentary that Stussy did on J Dilla’s life when he moved to Los Angeles from Detroit. About a week ago on Saturday the 13th, Stussy released a limited edition tee shirt paying homage to J Dilla. Stussy also held “Dilla Day” events across a select few of it’s North American stores. I attended the Stussy DC chapter store for the event which had some good music spinning, but like most of these get togethers everyone was just standing around in their little groups talking and drinking (pretty dull and fucking BORING). Of course, it was all in the name of the late great producer’s legacy, so I’ll stand around for a few minutes and chill on some classic material any day. Me and my homie just stopped by for a few and checked it out and I forgot my camera, but just follow THIS LINK for some photos of the event..

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 still hasn’t been uploaded, but I’ll be sure to update this post with the 3rd and final part of the documentary after the jump. Stay tuned folks!

Update (Better late then never!):

Part 3


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