Lost In Space.

Hello there new and old world! It’s been a long time I know, I know. I’m sure the old creepy guy who lives by himself  and stalks my page for nude kiddy porn has missed my activity on this blog, but what can I say I’ve been through a lot these past few months! For one, my dream of traveling to my “mecca” the good old California came true this past Summer as well as a much needed trip to New York City! While in California I met a lot of people I never thought I would meet this soon in my lifetime. I was able to bump heads with Greg River aka Greg Mishka of one of my favorite/most creative brands I have ever laid my eyes on MISHKA (mishkanyc.com). I was able to visit a lot of cool street-wear spots and just enjoy the coolness of this great green state. I have also relocated to the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia..dun,dun,dun…Richmond (please hold your gag reflex until after this post). I am now attending VCU aka Virginia Commonwealth University. So I guess as most chicks named Heather who own a Jonas Brothers diary would say “this is a new chapter in my life”. Yep, that’s right I am a real college kid now which means I have been heavily drinking with strangers and being haggled for change by stinky hobos on a constant basis. I am now living independently in an apartment with some amigos! It’s like having a sleep over at a friends house that lasts 12 months unsupervised! I’m sure I will NOW be updating this worthless web space on the internet  a lot more frequently since I am not one to study the night before an exam (as I am currently doing). Instead, I’d rather update this blog because well even if I am the only one looking at this shit at least I have something to look back on and cry/fart/laugh/argue/smile/resent/ get constipated about! So keep the TV on the same channel because this irregularly scheduled blog is BACK BITCHES!!!!!!!!!

Now enjoy random after thoughts….

Cowboy Hip Hop Dancing, it’s the new thang hitting the streets!

No but seriously I was able to attend a seminar that Jeff Staple spoke at a few weeks back. I was taken by this man’s intelligence and experience not just in street wear culture but in life and I must say he is as real they get. Great man and great ideas Jeff! So here’s a little two part interview that the guys over at BRAND RMX (brandrmx.com) put together, so just take in this man’s genius, learn, and enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2


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I enjoy eating, sleeping, and shitting. I have a car and a job....I am your dream man.

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