Artist to know: Theophilus London

Hailing from Brooklyn, NYC a new breed of emcee that blends the best of electronic and hip hop music’s worlds to make a fresh musical sound! Think of him this way, Kid Cudi+Early 90’s Q-Tip+ a lot of soul/appreciation for various types of music = Theophilus London.  This man has been doing his thing now since 2008′ when he released his debut mixtape, JAM! He has since released two heavily praised mixtapes and has been touring constantly and getting his name out in the music world. I’ve been keeping my eye on this guy and he’s just a breath of fresh air to music in general and I feel that he will only continue to grow as a result of his passion for music and putting a lot of energy into his live shows. Theophilus is definitely  a musical force to be reckoned with and anybody who even thinks they got something new to bring to the table has to look at what this guy is doing and perhaps reconsider another path. Yeah…he’s that good! So check out some videos below I’ve also included a mini documentary that was done for his “This Charming Mixtape” has a lot of cool footage so peep it! Here’s a link to his website where you will find links to his mixtapes  ENJOY!

Video for “I Want You” directed by my future wife Va$htie!

The track that put me on to the London experience

“This Charming Documentary”


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  1. finestcreativity

    Just featured him on my blog. Humdrum Town!! Come check it out when you get a chance.

  2. I checked out your blog and it’s really dope! Keep up the good work and I’ll make sure to stay tuned!

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