I woke up and it was 2011….that was a long nap.

The end of a decade is now the start of another decade of longing for my childhood! I am now 21 years old at a 4 year university and living on my own. I guess that is a good position to be at for my age right? Looking back at this decade I have walked away with an astounding wealth of knowledge about the most unnecessary things in this world, a consistent need to watch free online porn, the start of a beer belly, my very first car in one piece, a shitty phone, a tan, way too much clothing and sneakers, credit card debt, college loan debt, 2 brand new broken pairs of glasses, sleep deprivation, a mild case of insomnia, a wide array of friendly friends, memorable trips to California and El Salvador, amazing concerts, many interesting relationships, long term friendships (a lot more then expected), no broken bones, a cool hat collection, motivation to progress creatively through life, that feeling of wanting to just hang out for the rest of my life, an unhealthy addiction to cheesecake, countless hours lost in front of a computer, a blog, a lot of time consuming social networking applications, an appetite for destruction, an understanding of what the hell really happened in the 90’s, an incoherent stream of memories of my childhood, a love for big booty women, a stronger bond with my mother, the need to someday have my own television show, the urge to make a list of things I came away with after this past decade from 2000-2010. It’s a little weird to try and picture my life at the end of 2020. I have no clue where I will be another decade from now, but I simply wish to be in a state of happiness and enjoying my life no matter what I am doing or where I am living at. As they say money comes and goes but it is the experiences and bonds that we both create/share with others that we remember the most! So in all fairness it’s been a great decade to be living in with all the advancements in technology, automobiles, Snuggies, weird-unspoiled McDonalds food :(. Cheers to you and cheers to the next decade and so on… may we all finally end up with hover cars and robotic wives that we don’t have to listen to all day and night!

Tootles Mcdoodles,
The Salvadoran.


About afrowonder

I enjoy eating, sleeping, and shitting. I have a car and a job....I am your dream man.

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