The Boss.

I recently was able to get together with, Megan, a good friend of mine. She is currently enrolled here at VCU along with yours truly and is one of the nicest/coolest people I have ever met! We’ve known each other for a few years now and only recently was I introduced to her wonderful photography skills. She is an up and comer in photography and I hope that her hobby evolves into something much greater for her benefit. Anyways, I have done a few photo shoots with her in the past, but this time I was able to help her test out her new toy, the Canon Rebel T1i. I am extremely pleased with how these shots came out and I’m sure you will agree. Therefore, I will stop typing so we can move on to the photos!

If you were wondering where these photos were taken they are at Maymont Park located in Richmond, VA.

Here is the parks website:

For more of Megan’s work check out:

Expect to see more of Megan’s photography on my blog in the near future, stay tuned folks!



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  1. These are great, the photos came out really good. (Nice Johnny cupcakes jacket btw)

  2. Appreciate it man, thanks!

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