The Words That Need to be Heard.

When I think of Lupe Fiasco various ideas and concepts come to my mind, but the word that I most associate with the man legally known as, Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, is Powerful. The man raps about real life issues and is able to hook people into not only getting into the music, but getting people to truly listen to what he has to say which is no easy feat; especially in these days and times. I believe the remarkable part of Lupe is that he is able to get these REAL ideas and world issues across to his fans on a global and (I’ll just say it) “mainstream” music landscape. Nowadays, where kids are shaking their dreads and trying to be goons (haha) it’s unbelievably refreshing to see a rapper put his heart and soul into his music and be able to produce something meaningful after all that hard work. I have seen Lupe’s passion live and before my eyes and believe me when I say that Wasalu Jaco is the real deal! No gimmicks, no marketing schemes to get you to buy the albums just GREAT music with a meaningful punch! With that being said this track “Words I Never Said” was just released on February 1st. I have to say this is honestly one of Lupe’s most important/impactful songs to date. He tackles issues like the 9/11 controversy, goes at Obama as well as the declining educational system and urges listeners to be proactive in order to seek solutions! Please do yourselves a favor and listen to this track, absorb it and think about the issues being addressed and reflect on that because these days and times are about taking action rather than just sitting around and sharing good music with your friends. Everyone including myself can benefit from meaningful music like this, so after listening to this just think about the differences you can make in your own communities if you just speak up and take action.

Lupe’s new album LASERS drops March 8th
Go to the site to pre-order it now:


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  1. Lupe’s on his job. I like this song, I wish he would just stream the whole album already.

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