A trip down Memory Lane…

Do you ever hear a song that you haven’t heard for years and you just get so taken by it that you get a rush of memories/thoughts/ and feelings rushing through you? Everything is so vivid to you that you remember the exact moment you first listened to that particular song, what you were wearing, how old you were, etc… I get this feeling with a lot of music that I listen to and I feel as though that is one of the reasons music is such an important aspect of my life. Music can tell a persons story, a persons journey through life and serve as an extension of that persons true inner being, or rather their “soul”. I can’t hardly begin to describe all of the types of emotions that music taps into within my heart and mind all I can say is that I hope others are able to be impacted by music or anything else in their lives as strong as I am with these couple of songs. For now I will share just two tracks with all of you that I have fond memories of and explain a little bit of the reason why they have stuck with me for this long.

The Crystal Method – Comin’ Back
Story: I remember when I first discovered the “VEGAS” album at this used cd store around 2000. I had already heard of The Crystal Method and just wanted to check out some more of their catalog so I bought this album not knowing that I would not be putting it down for the next few weeks! The whole album blew me away and I remember listening to tracks like “Busy Child” and “High Roller” around 1997 and 1998 when the album dropped and got a lot of publicity in films and video games. All though these tracks were flawless I was ALWAYS hooked by the track “Comin’ Back”. I can still remember staying up late at night playing Playstation games like Metal Gear, Parasite Eve or Resident Evil 2 and just chilling to this track! It’s crazy how fast time fly’s by but every time I hear this track I’m transported back to those late nights where the only thing I was worried about was making it to the next level with such low health or if I was going to be able to kill the next boss!

DJ Shadow – What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 1-Blue Sky Revisit) / Transmission 3
Story:Okay so I will be straight up with you I just finally discovered DJ Shadow’s AMAZING debut “Endtroducing” a few years back. What can I say I was only 7 years old when this amazing gem dropped! Anyways, the important thing is I found it and I can never EVER put this album down! This album created a new musical landscape within my mind and after doing some research it did the same thing for Hip-Hop when it was released. This is one of those albums I can listen to all the way through and not feel the need to skip to the next track! Although I have a special place in my heart for tracks like “Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt”, “Midnight In A Perfect World” and of course “Stem / Long Stem / Transmission 2” I am moved most by the final and greatest song on the album “What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 1-Blue Sky Revisit)”. Although this was an instrumental album and it’s songs were all composed of old samples from TV shows and songs Shadow was able to make a completely new sound out of all this material. When I listen to this track I just can’t hold back from bobbing my head and sinking deeper into this songs trance! This is the song that does it for me. This is what music is supposed to be like. From the smooth Jazz sounds that make up the intro of this song to the drop of the first drums it’s like a match so fitting you would have thought all the components of this song were made for this very song in the first place. All in all DJ Shadow is a genius and although I wasn’t aware of this album when it first dropped it found it’s way to me and I always feel like I was there from the start!


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