The MISHKA Spring 2011 Lookbook is finally here !!! The MISHKA Spring 2011 line is looking flawless! The guys over at MISHKA are always banging out classic pieces and have done so again with this Spring line, so without further babbling here are a couple of my favorite pieces from the collection.

Keep Watch Crest T-Shirt – This is a clean and simple t-shirt with the Mishka Keep Watch Crest across the chest. Very clean and vibrant colors and reps the Brooklyn, Tokyo, and Los Angeles locations.

GPKill With Power T-Shirt – There is so much nostalgia packed into this sick t-shirt that I think I want to grab my favorite Transformer and go destroy shit on the playground! This graphic borrows from the old Garbage Pail Kids trading cards that were all the hype to your older brothers and sisters in the 80’s! Awesome graphic that’ll get you looks from both younger and older crowds!

World Champ D.A. T-Shirt – This graphic pays homage to the classic sports team graphics you would see on everything from shirts to crewnecks! Similar to the ones artist Jack Davis worked on!

Had to include the detailed photo-this shit is awesome!

High Impact Snapback – This is one of my favorite pieces of the line this season! The hat features the Death Adder Bear inside the letters that spell out Death Adders! It’s an amazing hat that will guarantee you know what’s up with the latest and greatest in the hat community! This hat comes in white or grey, (I prefer the white) but I would just cop them both!

Cyrillic Pro Starter Snapback – Mishka hits us with a snapback that was done in collaboration with the classic brand, Starter. This hat will have you living up that classic 90’s look in the present times! So do yourself a favor and cop not just one but two! Comes in black and white!

McKinley Knapsack Logo – Every year Mishka is dropping another amazing backpack after another! This McKinley Knapsack with the all over prints is the latest in a fine line of yearly updated backpacks. I think this is the one to do me in! I need this NOW and so do YOU!

Here are a few of my personal favorite photos from the Lookbook which you can see in it’s entirety here .
Also all the pieces I have posted as well as many more can be found at the Mishka Store.

*Click on the images to see the full size*

Left to right, AC Slater (of Trouble & Bass) is wearing: Cyrillic Pro Starter Snapback (in Black), South of Heaven Shirt (in Grey), Fuck Punk T-Shirt (in Black); The Captain (of Trouble & Bass) is wearing: Death’s Head French Terry Cardigan (in Black).

Das Racist are wearing (from left to right): Angel of Death Denim Shirt (in Indigo), Rosklops T-Shirt (in Blue Tie-Dye) and Dmitri Denim (in Indigo); Death’s Head French Terry Cardigan (In Navy) and Scout Work Pants (Black); Heatseeker Crewneck (in Red) and Boris Skinny-Leg Denim (in Indigo).

Suckers are wearing (from left to right): Seasons In The Abyss Flannel Shirt (in Red) and Boris Skinny-Leg Denim (in Indigo); Cyrillic Pop New Era Trucker (in Black), Rock Tsar T-Shirt (in Blue Tie-Dye), and Alexei Raw Selvage Denim (in Black); Hell Awaits Poplin Shirt (in Teal) and Scout Work Pants (in Black); Show No Mercy Poplin Shirt (in Blue) and Dmitri Denim (in Indigo).

Creep are wearing (from left to right): Psychic M-65 Jacket (in Camouflage) and Psychic Cross T-Shirt (in Black); Psychic M-65 Jacket (in Camouflage) and Cycosis T-Shirt (in Black).

Stalley is wearing: Death Adders New Era (in White), Throwback Death Adders Coaches Jacket (in Brick), South of Heaven Poplin Shirt (in Blue) and Alexei Raw Selvage Denim (in Indigo).


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  1. That 1991 champs shirt with the zombies and weirdos on it is sick. I like it. The backpack is dope too, it looks like freaking art.

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