Firs off, Raekwon’s Shaolin VS Wu-Tang album is out NOW!!!! Go cop that and thank your ears later. Today I have a 3 part video segment that SHHO posted on their website in correlation with his new album dropping and bringing Raekwon back to Richmond, VA for a meet-and-greet. These video segments were shot by theworstkids. The videos offer a closer look into some of the ideas and concepts behind the album’s tracks. These are really interesting looks into the music and any Wu-Tang/Raekwon/Hip-Hop fan will dig these! Enjoy and be sure to visit SHHO and theworstkids for more amazing work!

Shaolin vs Wu-Tang: Round 1. Raekwon touches on the head-nodding track “Rock N Roll”. Gives you his take on how he feels when listening to the track and acquiring the beat from DJ Khalil.

Shaolin vs Wu-Tang: Round 2. Here Rae speaks about the concept behind the track “Snake Pond” and it’s throwback feel to old Kung-Fu films.

Shaolin vs Wu-Tang: Final Round. Raekwon gives insight about what the track “Butter Knives” means which is a track filled with that classic East Coast/New York Hip-Hop sound we have come to expect from Raekwon.

Finally I’m going to leave you all with these wise words by Raekwon and the importance of sticking together as a group, having confidence and getting positive encouragement from your peers.


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