Chasing Forever 3.22.11

Today I am sharing something really special with all of you on behalf of the Student Hip-Hop Organization (SHHO). The Chasing Forever mixtape has been a work in progress for about a year now and coincides with the organizations brand book that also goes by the same name. As a music lover and beyond that a lover of Hip-Hop, this is really some dope material! This project is backed by a very interesting concept that is easy to relate to no matter what background you come from, or where you’re at in life. That concept is of course, Chasing Forever.

Chasing Forever revolves around the ideals of self-motivation and planning out your layout for how your going to accomplish your dreams, get that clothing line started, or win that championship this season. It’s a concept that keeps you up all night, it makes you have tunnel vision and keeps your eyes on the prize. Hell we all have that fear of taking that 1st step towards reaching our goals and dreams…And then as of nowhere you see your hard work and ideas come to fruition. It’s a beautiful feeling that you must take pride in for not all succeed in accomplishing their goals. But it’s not the end and you shouldn’t stop because the hard work is far from over. It never stops for me, the organization, and hopefully not for you. That drive and sense of progression should stay forever implemented in your mind and daily life. Look back at all you have done in the past few years, have YOU progressed? It’s a cycle, you keep it going. You keep Chasing Forever.

Chasing Forever Trailer

Chsing Forever EPK

Millz – “Letter To Self” Music Video

Come March 22nd hear it for yourselves.
To hear some more music go to: 2 A.M. Recordings
Also go check out SHHO’s Site: THE SHHO


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