Nitty Scott M.C.: Real Hip-Hop from a REAL MC!

Hip-Hop music, nowadays, is like the shoe game…it is WAY OVER SATURATED! With so many rappers blowing up and getting signed to major labels, dropping mixtapes, and releasing free songs everyday it is easy to get lost in the sea of Hip-Hop music and may cause a headache for listeners who are simply looking for some great Hip-Hop music. However, it is genuine artist like the real “nitty-gritty” Nitty Scott, MC that put my mind at ease and keeps my head bobbin when I need a breath of fresh/un-commercially touched HIP-HOP! After all, it comes down to what significance your music will hold with the listener and whether or not you can maintain a connection for longer than 3 minutes like most commercial artist struggle to do. Again, the remedy is Nitty Scott, MC! So let me break it down for you all who have not been put on to this wonderful female and her music. As Nitzia Scott states on her site, “Born in Michigan, made in Florida, paid in New York,” she comes from a Puerto-Rican mother and a New Orleans-born African-American father. She is currently on her grind and competing in the independent artist circuit to get her message out to open ears far and wide. Not only is Ms. Scott a force to be reckoned with on the mic, but she also has a head on those shoulders of hers, which truly shines in her mission statement, “to be apart of a movement and not an industry, to be socially responsible and charitable with her influence, to inspire art and educated listeners, to promote substance in mainstream entertainment, to be praised by critical acclaim, and to document an era via the written word.” I hope you all are paying attention thus far because this young twenty-year old female rapper is a rappers favorite rapper! Other rappers these days wish they were as deep as Nitty is! I hope this post serves as an eye opener for you Hip-Hop heads out there who do not believe that REAL Hip-Hop from the heart still exists in today’s rap music scene. Without further delay, check out some of the videos below to get a taste of the lyrical bullets Nitty Scott fires on a daily basis!
You can check out Nitty Scott’s site HERE.
Also follow her on Twitter!

Nitty and her insane Deep Cover Freestyle!

RockSmith Tokyo Freestyle

Nitty Scott, MC goes in over Gang Starr’s classic “Work” beat

This is an older interview Nitty did with All which further showcases her lyrical rapping ability and gives you some background info as well!

***Attention all Virginia, Richmond, and Virginia Commonwealth University students I would like to let you all know that my fellow Hip-Hop brothers in VCU’s Student Hip-Hop Organization are bringing you a FREE SHOW! That’s right a free show with Nitty Scott, MC as the headliner and featuring Millz (Chasing Forever), Sleaze, and Corey Smith. Peep the flyer below for more info, don’t miss the chance to witness Real Hip-Hop live and in-action!


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  1. No Fucking WAY!!!!

  2. That’s right man! Hope to see you there next Saturday!

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