Married To The Mob Spring 2011

One of my favorite clothing brands Married to the Mob has recently dropped their second delivery of their Spring 2011 Collection. Married to the Mob is for the most part geared towards the dick kicking female clientele who you don’t want to F#CK WITH! This time around they have the usual graphic t-shirts for both MEN and WOMEN! This is delivery is SUPER exciting for me as a fan of the brand and simply because I am NOT a women, since it is a women’s clothing brand I could never represent the brand by wearing the clothing…but alas how things change :). They’ve dropped a few of their classic shirts from the past including favorites like the “Supreme Bitch” Tee, the classic “MOB” logo tee with the lips filling in the lettering, and “My Girls Rock Balenciaga…” tee! Well I will go ahead and shut up now so you can go check out the following photos of the Second delivery of the Spring line to see what MOB living is like!

That is Leah (The founder of MOB on the right). I would marry her if she wasn’t already married! 😦 OH WAIT that is her sister Sarah on the left, maybe I still have a chance! πŸ™‚

A classic spin on a classic logo!

Will Moy rocking a shirt that I NEED to have in my closet (and most likely will have weird fantasies about!).

I don’t think any other women can pull this “kick you in the balls/careless” look and still be sexy like the MOB girls seem to effortlessly exude day in and day out!

These are the type of girls that would beat your ass on the playground, steal your lunch money and then kiss you the next day. Why? Because they CAN!

A nice little ‘FUCK YOU!’ to those who don’t believe in MOB.

Not much I can really say other than I wish I had some tissue/Vaseline right now… 😐

Yum…uhh I mean DOPE!

One of my favorite tees that MOB has ever done and also one of the most sought after designs! Cop one for your girl, home girl, hell even your bad ass mother!

Also check out the rest of the photo shoot HERE
Shout outs to the whole MOB crew holding it down since 2004!
Leah, Tabatha, Will Moy, and anyone else I missed!


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