SHHO Presents: Everything Will be Okay

The Student Hip-Hop Organization just dropped new photos of their Heritage Clothing line in time for the upcoming launch of their online shop opening on APRIL 9TH!!! These photos include various photos of a group of women who are simply hanging out at their apartment eating junk food, drinking a few beers, and chilling with Mary Jane! You know hood things! haha. But seriously this is a well put together promo for the upcoming online shop which is reminiscent of older Freshjive and Stussy ads of the 1990s. The photos also include some of Bryan Woodland’s illustrations which add an awesome playful look to very mature activities :). Peep the video/photos and try not to get your keyboard dirty you sickos!

I will never look or think about at this crew neck the same way again! 😉

Yep, great way to go out!

Shop will be up and running on APRIL 9TH !
Tell your friends, family, and your enemy’s!
Photography: Richard Perkins
Illustrations: Bryan Woodland
Editing: Forrest Pando


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I enjoy eating, sleeping, and shitting. I have a car and a job....I am your dream man.

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