Deo Adeolux

Many of you may hear people always say ” Yeah, I make beats” well I have a little gift for you all today in the form of music! My close friend and buddy Daniel aka Deo Adeolux really does MAKE BEATS (great ones at that) and he has recently been releasing a lot of unheard material. He composes mostly beats with his own “space” and “somber” like feel that makes for an original and refreshing sound. I have been listening to this mans beats ever since he composed his first few simple tracks and I have proudly watched as he has progressed his sound to bring you all an original mixture of space-hard-hitting-hip-hop-esque beats! Below are a couple of his tracks so be sure to check them out and let him know what you think! You can also visit his blog HERE

Here is a new track titled “M.A.R.S” that was just dropped yesterday. It’s an amazing little mash up that will have you bobbin’ your head in sync with the music.

A nice little old school reminiscent tune called “Mr. Wave Presents: Graffiti Jackson and the Flashmore Breakers”

And one of my personal favorite tracks “(Intro) Digital Diamonds”

Be sure to check out his Sound Cloud for more tracks!


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