MISHKA Summer Line 2011

Blazing hot weather that turns everybody into a wetback (excessive sweating), ice cream cones melting, pool parties, trips to the local beach, over-crowded theme parks, water balloon fights with the neighborhood kids, cold showers in the middle of the day, seeing-sounds, getting chased by rabid dogs, summer-flings, and wayfarer glasses all of these remind me of Summer time! With summer fast-approaching us in the coming days MISHKA has once again taken care of our fashion needs for this unforgivable global-warming inspired blazing-hot weather! This season we have everything from shot-sleeve button-ups, to snapbacks, tye-die colored graphic tees, long-sleeve shirts made out of a lightweight cotton known as Madras, and even rug-inspired shorts! It is definite that MISHKA has got everyone covered this summer, so sit back in your favorite chair, grab your favorite drink, and check out a couple of the pieces that stood out to me this season!

Headless Cross Shirt (Red) – Short-sleeve button-ups are one of the greatest summer pieces a person can wear! I love that you can layer them, wear them buttoned up by themselves, or whatever versatile way you would like! They are great pieces that remind me of summer time cook-outs and all night beer binges! The colors on this piece compliment each other flawlessly and are bound to get you props from all of the scantily-clad dressed girls this summer!

Never Say Die Madras Shirt (Dust) – Long-sleeve shirts and I go together like spaghetti and meatballs or Pamela Anderson and Herpes. Anyways, this piece is one of the main standouts for me with it’s excellent manila/violet coloring and simplistic front chest pocket. Apparently, the material this shirt is made out of is a lightweight cotton called, Madras, so you don’t have to fear sweating your ass off this summer while wearing this long-sleeve shirt. Overall, it is a perfect shirt to wear throughout the day while just hanging out at a cookout, or going out for a night at the bar! BEER IS AWESOME!

Drug Rug Shorts (Blue) – When I first laid eyes on these shorts I thought to myself, could I ever pull these off? More then that, would anyone ever even wear these!? And then it hit me these were made for the confident/swagged out gentleman! Yeah that is correct you yourself could be that swagged out guy that all the ladies love while wearing this slick pair of shorts! These come with an extra pocket on the lower right side so you can fulfill the slacker-College student stereotype and stash your herb away!

Cyrillic Varsity Starter Snapback (Grey ) – What we have here is a nostalgic collaboration with a classic brand which bring you a clean snapback that is sure to be seen at many cookouts and parties this summer just as it was seen back in the 90s. Starter snapback’s are certainly a staple in street culture as well as a classic summer item, so it was only right for MISHKA to do this collaboration. This hat has my personal favorite wool-like material with a purple brim and lettering outline as well as the iconic eye patch on the left side. Rep MISHKA hard this summer with this classic hat!

Keep Watch Tank (Tie-dye) – A tank is the most manly thing you can wear during the summer, yet you add an eyeball and a cool tie-dye effect to it and you’ve got yourself a mighty fine garment! I don’t need to say much more other than if you don’t get this sick piece then you can just give up on your chances of getting laid this summer!

Nightmare Visions T-shirt (Tie-dye) – What is flyer then having a Freddy-Krueger looking character with an eyeball for a head on your shirt? Having that graphic on a blue tie-dye t-shirt! This shirt is nothing short of epic by all standards, so go for it, don’t be afraid, and cop this NOW!

Caza Mortal T-Shirt (Heather Grey) – Among the many things that MISHKA does right, creating creepy graphics that will frighten even the boogie-man is one of them! This shirt hits the dot and then some in that aspect, so if you want to share your odd-sense of style this t-shirt is for you.

You can find all the pieces I have posted as well as many more at the Mishka Store.
Here are some photos from the Summer lookbook which includes well known names like Diplo , 12th Planet , Wavves, and other artists modeling the new threads.

*Click on the images to see the full size*

Be sure to peep the MISHKA SITE for updates, to shop, and for entertainment for their BLOGLIN!
Also, this lookbook was entirely shot by Caesar Sebastian check out his other sick work!


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