So you might be wondering why this blog is called “Save the Salvadoran“, well that is a great question. I don’t believe anyone really knows the meaning behind the blog and its name besides myself. This is mainly due to the fact that I just haven’t explained the meaning to anyone until NOW. For starters, when I first made this blog in early 2010 I was only twenty years old and completely left out of my older circle of friends at the time. I only had a handful of people I could hangout with and even then I found myself stuck at home for many nights on end. I would be confined to my much too small 10×10 ft. room where I would play video games, watch porn, eat, sleep like it was a part time job and do whatever else young twenty year old guys do in there rooms (no weird animal shit though). And so out of boredom with most of the blogs I visited, time consuming shit I’d do, and the internet as a whole I wanted to create a place that expanded far beyond the confines of my bite-sized room and further served as an extension of myself and interests. I figured all of the hipster/fashionista/knowitall douche bags had a blog where they posted all of their pointless hobbies and dick sucking content on, so why couldn’t I do the same thing only BETTER! I say better because well…it’s ME! So let me get to the point of this story that’s going absolutely nowhere…okay well I needed a name for my blog and as I gave it more thought beyond names like “Burrito Thug Life” and “Uncircumcised Sausage Productions” I tapped into my inner me and realized why I wanted to make the blog in the first place. It began with that feeling of wanting to escape boredom, escape the stress and frustrating bullshit that life seems to throw at us everyday! I wanted to be “SAVED” from all of this shit and so it was that the “Save the Salvadoran” blog was created! It’s called “Save the Salvadoran” because I am Salvadoran! However, just because it says save the Salvadoran does NOT mean that it is intended to save just me from boredom, but rather everyone in this world who needs a good laugh, new insight on music, or just something to kill time with, for example, you could translate my blog into “Save the bored Teenager” or “Save the 40 year old virgin who needs something to look at when he’s alone“. The point is I want to help others through my blog beyond just providing entertainment, or something to simply look at when your bored. My future plans for this blog/project are overwhelmingly optimistic and I hope to work with some, if not ALL, of the people I feature on this blog to provide something much greater and positive for all of you who are just looking to be “saved“, so come and enjoy the odd and wild ride with me, or I will cut you up into two-hundred and fifty pieces with my machete then ship the individual parts to your family members and loved ones! Just kidding of course…I’ll send them to your enemies too!

  1. Burrito Thug Life would have been awesome too.

  2. Pupusa Power would have sounded awkward

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