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Warriors of Radness x Opening Ceremony = Beach Crew! Capsule Collection

Hello, all far and wide! Today, I have a colorful-surf inspired collaboration to share with you all between the awesome Warriors of Radness clothing brand and the equally cool, Opening Ceremony. Both have joined forces to bring you all this capsule collection known as, BEACH CREW! which is based around old surf and beach culture. The collection features an assortment of graphic tank tops, t-shirts, and button-ups among many other pieces. As one of my favorite brands in recent years, Warriors of Radness, has really put their surf/brightly-colored mark work into this collection and I assure myself that once my money is coming in by the barrel I will be sure to grab some pieces from this capsule collection! Check out some of the collection below as well as the new video by Warriors own artist Gantez Warrior!

“The Beach Crew” directed by Annette Funicello.


Sunny Summer-like days always trigger a positive and nostalgic feeling for me. It’s those hot summer days in the early to late 1990s where I was raised and performed many of my devious acts on humanity! I’m sounding like a villain now, but anyways it’s been getting closer and closer to Summer and it sure has felt like that for days at a time down here in Richmond, VA. Everybody has been getting teased with 70 to 85 degree weather and it feels amazing! However, we all keep forgetting it’s NOT Summer! 😦 Well now that I am older I can’t exactly run around and eat candy all day (I’ll put that on my to-do list this Summer), so instead of running around I grabbed my homie Megan Goss , she brought her Canon T1i and we hit up the local river, Belle Isle. Now if your not a local down here in Richmond let me just say you HAVE TO GO! This little island is the perfect place for pirate vs. ninja fights, hanging out, and just a great spot to do mischievous things like running around with a chicken costume on. If you ever do check it out you will find that many locals and students frequent the island and will always make you feel like you belong in this mini paradise! So like I was saying earlier, Megan and myself took a couple shots for a mini photo shoot since we hadn’t gotten together in awhile and simply enjoyed the rest of the evening.
Here are a couple of the shots we were able to take that day and you can also check out our other photo shoot that was shot back in January HERE.

My FAVORITE shot of the day!

I was also featured on my friends Tumblr over at Fuckyeahporchchill. There are some photos there of this past Wednesday’s shenanigans on 4/20. All I’m going to say is that I was VERY comfortable laying on the grass!

Fuck YEAH! Now that’s some hard chillin! 🙂