Sunny Summer-like days always trigger a positive and nostalgic feeling for me. It’s those hot summer days in the early to late 1990s where I was raised and performed many of my devious acts on humanity! I’m sounding like a villain now, but anyways it’s been getting closer and closer to Summer and it sure has felt like that for days at a time down here in Richmond, VA. Everybody has been getting teased with 70 to 85 degree weather and it feels amazing! However, we all keep forgetting it’s NOT Summer! 😦 Well now that I am older I can’t exactly run around and eat candy all day (I’ll put that on my to-do list this Summer), so instead of running around I grabbed my homie Megan Goss , she brought her Canon T1i and we hit up the local river, Belle Isle. Now if your not a local down here in Richmond let me just say you HAVE TO GO! This little island is the perfect place for pirate vs. ninja fights, hanging out, and just a great spot to do mischievous things like running around with a chicken costume on. If you ever do check it out you will find that many locals and students frequent the island and will always make you feel like you belong in this mini paradise! So like I was saying earlier, Megan and myself took a couple shots for a mini photo shoot since we hadn’t gotten together in awhile and simply enjoyed the rest of the evening.
Here are a couple of the shots we were able to take that day and you can also check out our other photo shoot that was shot back in January HERE.

My FAVORITE shot of the day!

I was also featured on my friends Tumblr over at Fuckyeahporchchill. There are some photos there of this past Wednesday’s shenanigans on 4/20. All I’m going to say is that I was VERY comfortable laying on the grass!

Fuck YEAH! Now that’s some hard chillin! 🙂


Malice at VCU Book Tour Recap

I was FINALLY able to set aside some free time to hit you guys off with a quick recap of the Malice event that went down at VCU. It was an amazing day out, but nothing compared to what Malice was sharing with all of us in attendance. He spoke about his book and was more then happy to answer all of our questions no matter how odd or random they were. Malice even got so comfortable with us to the point where he spit a couple bars for us all just to show us that hes still got it! This was my second time seeing the man speak and I have to say the guy is a genuine person! If you get the book you will get to know another side of the Hip-Hop industry that you rarely ever see. The book is deep and it is very real! Honestly, don’t take my word for it, just go and cop the book then read it and realize the struggles Gene Thornton. Jr. has been going through in his life and hopefully it will help open some of your eyes to what is really going on. I don’t do much reading anymore, but I HIGHLY suggest you go out and get this book AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Here are a couple photos of the event courtesy of theworstkids

Here’s a shot of myself with my home girl Filsan aka PHILLY!
(Photo courtesy of: Megan Goss)

To purchase “Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind, and Naked” go HERE
For more images and other recaps of the event check out:
The SHHO & Theworstkids

Nitty Gritty Show Recap

This past weekend was as hectic and chaotic as it gets! From getting the word out about the Nitty Scott, MC show to simply making sure the audio and sound was perfect for the Malice event. After it all is said and done both events have definitely been a growing experience for me and the way I will be working/handling future projects in my life. First off, Nitty Scott, MC and ALL the opening acts held it down which included Millz, Corey Smith, and Sleaze! Nitty came out, guns blazing, with her infamous “Deep Cover” track and kept the crowd moving with tracks off her brand new mixtape, The Cassette Chronicles! She even spit a freestyle for us and really showed us all in the crowd what we can expect to see in the near future from her…that is nothing but some real raw and true to the heart hip-hop music! Pay attention to this young and intelligent female cause she is going places! Just remember SHHO was there since the start!

And now here are a few photos taken by Megan Goss

Corey Smith doing what he does best!

Millz. Photographs by Glenna Chung

Nitty Scott, MC photos taken by Megan Goss

Hope to see you back in Richmond soon Nitty Scott, MC!
Malice recap coming SOON!


The extended SHHO family over at UVA is doing it big this April 23rd by bringing all you lucky UVA students and surrounding residents the homecoming of the mighty CLIPSE. Virginia’s most well-known brothers are reuniting again after a little time of separation. Malice has been promoting his book Wretched, Pitiful, Poor,Blind,and Naked and Pusha-T has released his first solo mixtape, Fear of God. Well now it’s time to see the two great brothers reunite and bring the roof down along with the help of all YOU! You will NOT want to miss this special event! Hope to see you all there on April 23rd, it is going to be a memorable night, so come through and enjoy the show with the SHHO crew!

You can purchase your tickets now at Jefferson Theater.
Peep the flyer below and stay updated by visiting the SHHO website.


Yep, that’s right folks! ODD FUTURE is finally doing a somewhat full tour of the East Coast! I will be attending the DC show at The Rock N Roll Hotel. I suggest that ANYONE and EVERYONE who can make it to at least one of these shows does so! So if you think your physically capable of surviving an ODD FUTURE show then lace up your shoes and get ready to scream at the top of your lungs…TINA PERM YOUR FUCKING WEAVE! I think i’m a little frightened to go now, however, I will be there in tears of joy, or out of fear for my own life!

Here is a little sample of what you can expect to see and experience:

Yonkers Live at Santos in New York City 2.15.11

Live at The Roxy in Hollywood, CA 12.22.10

Tina Live at The Roxy in Hollywood, CA 12.22.10

Bastard/French Live at Webster Hall 11.8.2010

Feel Good Music

These were some of the dance songs that kept the masses moving and grooving. What happened? We went from “Every Little Step” to “Walk it Out”. Times certainly have changed…For now, let’s enjoy these classic tracks and put a little rhythm in your step today!

Full Force – Ain’t My Type of Hype

Bobby Brown (B.C. = Before Crack!) – My Perogative

Bobby Brown (B.C. = Before Crack!) – Every Little Step

Milli Vanilli – Girl You Know it’s True

Heavy D & The Boyz – Now That We Found Love ft. Aaron Hall

New Edition – Cool It Now

SHHO Presents: Everything Will be Okay

The Student Hip-Hop Organization just dropped new photos of their Heritage Clothing line in time for the upcoming launch of their online shop opening on APRIL 9TH!!! These photos include various photos of a group of women who are simply hanging out at their apartment eating junk food, drinking a few beers, and chilling with Mary Jane! You know hood things! haha. But seriously this is a well put together promo for the upcoming online shop which is reminiscent of older Freshjive and Stussy ads of the 1990s. The photos also include some of Bryan Woodland’s illustrations which add an awesome playful look to very mature activities :). Peep the video/photos and try not to get your keyboard dirty you sickos!

I will never look or think about at this crew neck the same way again! 😉

Yep, great way to go out!

Shop will be up and running on APRIL 9TH !
Tell your friends, family, and your enemy’s!
Photography: Richard Perkins
Illustrations: Bryan Woodland
Editing: Forrest Pando

Married To The Mob Spring 2011

One of my favorite clothing brands Married to the Mob has recently dropped their second delivery of their Spring 2011 Collection. Married to the Mob is for the most part geared towards the dick kicking female clientele who you don’t want to F#CK WITH! This time around they have the usual graphic t-shirts for both MEN and WOMEN! This is delivery is SUPER exciting for me as a fan of the brand and simply because I am NOT a women, since it is a women’s clothing brand I could never represent the brand by wearing the clothing…but alas how things change :). They’ve dropped a few of their classic shirts from the past including favorites like the “Supreme Bitch” Tee, the classic “MOB” logo tee with the lips filling in the lettering, and “My Girls Rock Balenciaga…” tee! Well I will go ahead and shut up now so you can go check out the following photos of the Second delivery of the Spring line to see what MOB living is like!

That is Leah (The founder of MOB on the right). I would marry her if she wasn’t already married! 😦 OH WAIT that is her sister Sarah on the left, maybe I still have a chance! 🙂

A classic spin on a classic logo!

Will Moy rocking a shirt that I NEED to have in my closet (and most likely will have weird fantasies about!).

I don’t think any other women can pull this “kick you in the balls/careless” look and still be sexy like the MOB girls seem to effortlessly exude day in and day out!

These are the type of girls that would beat your ass on the playground, steal your lunch money and then kiss you the next day. Why? Because they CAN!

A nice little ‘FUCK YOU!’ to those who don’t believe in MOB.

Not much I can really say other than I wish I had some tissue/Vaseline right now… 😐

Yum…uhh I mean DOPE!

One of my favorite tees that MOB has ever done and also one of the most sought after designs! Cop one for your girl, home girl, hell even your bad ass mother!

Also check out the rest of the photo shoot HERE
Shout outs to the whole MOB crew holding it down since 2004!
Leah, Tabatha, Will Moy, and anyone else I missed!

Hip-Hop is my HEART!

K-OS – Superstar, Pt. Zero

Jay-Z – Never Change

Nujabes-reflection eternal

Jedi Mind Tricks – Saviorself

Immortal Technique – Obnoxious

MF Grimm- Earth

Malice of the Clipse: Final Stop on his Seminar Tour at VCU

SHHO brings the goods again to Richmond! So this is going to be Malice’s last stop on his book tour he has been doing with SHHO. He has already visited ODU, UVA, and W&M and is now rounding out the tour to promote his new book “Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind, and Naked”. The lecture will be followed by a Q & A and a book signing as well as a meet and greet where you will be able to purchase the book for $15!!!
This is an event you will NOT want to miss folks, so if your in the Richmond area drop by and witness the triumphant story of a great man! See you on APRIL 15th!