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MISHKA Summer Line 2011

Blazing hot weather that turns everybody into a wetback (excessive sweating), ice cream cones melting, pool parties, trips to the local beach, over-crowded theme parks, water balloon fights with the neighborhood kids, cold showers in the middle of the day, seeing-sounds, getting chased by rabid dogs, summer-flings, and wayfarer glasses all of these remind me of Summer time! With summer fast-approaching us in the coming days MISHKA has once again taken care of our fashion needs for this unforgivable global-warming inspired blazing-hot weather! This season we have everything from shot-sleeve button-ups, to snapbacks, tye-die colored graphic tees, long-sleeve shirts made out of a lightweight cotton known as Madras, and even rug-inspired shorts! It is definite that MISHKA has got everyone covered this summer, so sit back in your favorite chair, grab your favorite drink, and check out a couple of the pieces that stood out to me this season!

Headless Cross Shirt (Red) – Short-sleeve button-ups are one of the greatest summer pieces a person can wear! I love that you can layer them, wear them buttoned up by themselves, or whatever versatile way you would like! They are great pieces that remind me of summer time cook-outs and all night beer binges! The colors on this piece compliment each other flawlessly and are bound to get you props from all of the scantily-clad dressed girls this summer!

Never Say Die Madras Shirt (Dust) – Long-sleeve shirts and I go together like spaghetti and meatballs or Pamela Anderson and Herpes. Anyways, this piece is one of the main standouts for me with it’s excellent manila/violet coloring and simplistic front chest pocket. Apparently, the material this shirt is made out of is a lightweight cotton called, Madras, so you don’t have to fear sweating your ass off this summer while wearing this long-sleeve shirt. Overall, it is a perfect shirt to wear throughout the day while just hanging out at a cookout, or going out for a night at the bar! BEER IS AWESOME!

Drug Rug Shorts (Blue) – When I first laid eyes on these shorts I thought to myself, could I ever pull these off? More then that, would anyone ever even wear these!? And then it hit me these were made for the confident/swagged out gentleman! Yeah that is correct you yourself could be that swagged out guy that all the ladies love while wearing this slick pair of shorts! These come with an extra pocket on the lower right side so you can fulfill the slacker-College student stereotype and stash your herb away!

Cyrillic Varsity Starter Snapback (Grey ) – What we have here is a nostalgic collaboration with a classic brand which bring you a clean snapback that is sure to be seen at many cookouts and parties this summer just as it was seen back in the 90s. Starter snapback’s are certainly a staple in street culture as well as a classic summer item, so it was only right for MISHKA to do this collaboration. This hat has my personal favorite wool-like material with a purple brim and lettering outline as well as the iconic eye patch on the left side. Rep MISHKA hard this summer with this classic hat!

Keep Watch Tank (Tie-dye) – A tank is the most manly thing you can wear during the summer, yet you add an eyeball and a cool tie-dye effect to it and you’ve got yourself a mighty fine garment! I don’t need to say much more other than if you don’t get this sick piece then you can just give up on your chances of getting laid this summer!

Nightmare Visions T-shirt (Tie-dye) – What is flyer then having a Freddy-Krueger looking character with an eyeball for a head on your shirt? Having that graphic on a blue tie-dye t-shirt! This shirt is nothing short of epic by all standards, so go for it, don’t be afraid, and cop this NOW!

Caza Mortal T-Shirt (Heather Grey) – Among the many things that MISHKA does right, creating creepy graphics that will frighten even the boogie-man is one of them! This shirt hits the dot and then some in that aspect, so if you want to share your odd-sense of style this t-shirt is for you.

You can find all the pieces I have posted as well as many more at the Mishka Store.
Here are some photos from the Summer lookbook which includes well known names like Diplo , 12th Planet , Wavves, and other artists modeling the new threads.

*Click on the images to see the full size*

Be sure to peep the MISHKA SITE for updates, to shop, and for entertainment for their BLOGLIN!
Also, this lookbook was entirely shot by Caesar Sebastian check out his other sick work!


Warriors of Radness x Opening Ceremony = Beach Crew! Capsule Collection

Hello, all far and wide! Today, I have a colorful-surf inspired collaboration to share with you all between the awesome Warriors of Radness clothing brand and the equally cool, Opening Ceremony. Both have joined forces to bring you all this capsule collection known as, BEACH CREW! which is based around old surf and beach culture. The collection features an assortment of graphic tank tops, t-shirts, and button-ups among many other pieces. As one of my favorite brands in recent years, Warriors of Radness, has really put their surf/brightly-colored mark work into this collection and I assure myself that once my money is coming in by the barrel I will be sure to grab some pieces from this capsule collection! Check out some of the collection below as well as the new video by Warriors own artist Gantez Warrior!

“The Beach Crew” directed by Annette Funicello.

SHHO Presents: Everything Will be Okay

The Student Hip-Hop Organization just dropped new photos of their Heritage Clothing line in time for the upcoming launch of their online shop opening on APRIL 9TH!!! These photos include various photos of a group of women who are simply hanging out at their apartment eating junk food, drinking a few beers, and chilling with Mary Jane! You know hood things! haha. But seriously this is a well put together promo for the upcoming online shop which is reminiscent of older Freshjive and Stussy ads of the 1990s. The photos also include some of Bryan Woodland’s illustrations which add an awesome playful look to very mature activities :). Peep the video/photos and try not to get your keyboard dirty you sickos!

I will never look or think about at this crew neck the same way again! 😉

Yep, great way to go out!

Shop will be up and running on APRIL 9TH !
Tell your friends, family, and your enemy’s!
Photography: Richard Perkins
Illustrations: Bryan Woodland
Editing: Forrest Pando

Married To The Mob Spring 2011

One of my favorite clothing brands Married to the Mob has recently dropped their second delivery of their Spring 2011 Collection. Married to the Mob is for the most part geared towards the dick kicking female clientele who you don’t want to F#CK WITH! This time around they have the usual graphic t-shirts for both MEN and WOMEN! This is delivery is SUPER exciting for me as a fan of the brand and simply because I am NOT a women, since it is a women’s clothing brand I could never represent the brand by wearing the clothing…but alas how things change :). They’ve dropped a few of their classic shirts from the past including favorites like the “Supreme Bitch” Tee, the classic “MOB” logo tee with the lips filling in the lettering, and “My Girls Rock Balenciaga…” tee! Well I will go ahead and shut up now so you can go check out the following photos of the Second delivery of the Spring line to see what MOB living is like!

That is Leah (The founder of MOB on the right). I would marry her if she wasn’t already married! 😦 OH WAIT that is her sister Sarah on the left, maybe I still have a chance! 🙂

A classic spin on a classic logo!

Will Moy rocking a shirt that I NEED to have in my closet (and most likely will have weird fantasies about!).

I don’t think any other women can pull this “kick you in the balls/careless” look and still be sexy like the MOB girls seem to effortlessly exude day in and day out!

These are the type of girls that would beat your ass on the playground, steal your lunch money and then kiss you the next day. Why? Because they CAN!

A nice little ‘FUCK YOU!’ to those who don’t believe in MOB.

Not much I can really say other than I wish I had some tissue/Vaseline right now… 😐

Yum…uhh I mean DOPE!

One of my favorite tees that MOB has ever done and also one of the most sought after designs! Cop one for your girl, home girl, hell even your bad ass mother!

Also check out the rest of the photo shoot HERE
Shout outs to the whole MOB crew holding it down since 2004!
Leah, Tabatha, Will Moy, and anyone else I missed!


The MISHKA Spring 2011 Lookbook is finally here !!! The MISHKA Spring 2011 line is looking flawless! The guys over at MISHKA are always banging out classic pieces and have done so again with this Spring line, so without further babbling here are a couple of my favorite pieces from the collection.

Keep Watch Crest T-Shirt – This is a clean and simple t-shirt with the Mishka Keep Watch Crest across the chest. Very clean and vibrant colors and reps the Brooklyn, Tokyo, and Los Angeles locations.

GPKill With Power T-Shirt – There is so much nostalgia packed into this sick t-shirt that I think I want to grab my favorite Transformer and go destroy shit on the playground! This graphic borrows from the old Garbage Pail Kids trading cards that were all the hype to your older brothers and sisters in the 80’s! Awesome graphic that’ll get you looks from both younger and older crowds!

World Champ D.A. T-Shirt – This graphic pays homage to the classic sports team graphics you would see on everything from shirts to crewnecks! Similar to the ones artist Jack Davis worked on!

Had to include the detailed photo-this shit is awesome!

High Impact Snapback – This is one of my favorite pieces of the line this season! The hat features the Death Adder Bear inside the letters that spell out Death Adders! It’s an amazing hat that will guarantee you know what’s up with the latest and greatest in the hat community! This hat comes in white or grey, (I prefer the white) but I would just cop them both!

Cyrillic Pro Starter Snapback – Mishka hits us with a snapback that was done in collaboration with the classic brand, Starter. This hat will have you living up that classic 90’s look in the present times! So do yourself a favor and cop not just one but two! Comes in black and white!

McKinley Knapsack Logo – Every year Mishka is dropping another amazing backpack after another! This McKinley Knapsack with the all over prints is the latest in a fine line of yearly updated backpacks. I think this is the one to do me in! I need this NOW and so do YOU!

Here are a few of my personal favorite photos from the Lookbook which you can see in it’s entirety here .
Also all the pieces I have posted as well as many more can be found at the Mishka Store.

*Click on the images to see the full size*

Left to right, AC Slater (of Trouble & Bass) is wearing: Cyrillic Pro Starter Snapback (in Black), South of Heaven Shirt (in Grey), Fuck Punk T-Shirt (in Black); The Captain (of Trouble & Bass) is wearing: Death’s Head French Terry Cardigan (in Black).

Das Racist are wearing (from left to right): Angel of Death Denim Shirt (in Indigo), Rosklops T-Shirt (in Blue Tie-Dye) and Dmitri Denim (in Indigo); Death’s Head French Terry Cardigan (In Navy) and Scout Work Pants (Black); Heatseeker Crewneck (in Red) and Boris Skinny-Leg Denim (in Indigo).

Suckers are wearing (from left to right): Seasons In The Abyss Flannel Shirt (in Red) and Boris Skinny-Leg Denim (in Indigo); Cyrillic Pop New Era Trucker (in Black), Rock Tsar T-Shirt (in Blue Tie-Dye), and Alexei Raw Selvage Denim (in Black); Hell Awaits Poplin Shirt (in Teal) and Scout Work Pants (in Black); Show No Mercy Poplin Shirt (in Blue) and Dmitri Denim (in Indigo).

Creep are wearing (from left to right): Psychic M-65 Jacket (in Camouflage) and Psychic Cross T-Shirt (in Black); Psychic M-65 Jacket (in Camouflage) and Cycosis T-Shirt (in Black).

Stalley is wearing: Death Adders New Era (in White), Throwback Death Adders Coaches Jacket (in Brick), South of Heaven Poplin Shirt (in Blue) and Alexei Raw Selvage Denim (in Indigo).

The International STUSSY Tribe.

I was lucky enough to wake up this morning and come across this amazing look back on one of the “Godfather” brands of street wear, STUSSY. This is footage from BBC’s The Look that covers various brands like Chanel, Ralph Lauren and of course Stussy. In this clip you will see founder Shawn Stussy, James Jabbia and various other familiar faces. All this footage is brought to you by the late UK Tribe member James Lebon (RIP).
Here’s what Stussy had to say about the video:

“Every once in a while the past comes back to remind you of who you are. Many things have changed since this video was made, especially the fit of of those baggy pants, but one thing that hasn’t is our need for a Tribe. It is the most enduring concept of the Stussy heritage and something that still runs strong today.

It coulda been a posse, it coulda been a crew.. It’s definitely a group of people. It’s an International Tribe. It’s friends in all those cities.

Enjoy folks!

Bonus: Here are a couple of old 80’s ads!

Low Tide Ad (1988)

Where Ya From Ad (1988)

Roots Ad (1988)

Fresh Gear Ad (1988)


So my favorite brand MISHKA is at again! With the 2011 Spring line about to drop soon, the guys have decided to keep us jealous by releasing this teaser video for the 2011 Spring look book. The look book features various artists like Das Racist, Stalley, and AC Slater among others. Here’s what MISHKA had to say about the teaser trailer:

“The lookbook for all of Spring 2011 will be unveiled to the world in the coming days, but we’ve decided to give you a little taste. A Мишка amuse bouche. Matthew Caron (AKA The Vidiot AKA Yr Friend Matthew) shot all this footage of our lookbook shoot (yeah, we’re meta. What of it?), and put together this succulent little teaser video. As you can see, we’ve chosen a bunch of our favorite musicians from the greater NY area to model all our new duds.

This lookbook features the likes of (deep breath): Neon Indian, Suckers, Das Racist, Roofeeo (of The Death Set and Ninjasonik), Creep, Hussle Club, Fostercare, BL§§D OU†, AraabMuzik, AC Slater & The Captain (of Trouble & Bass), as well as recent Мишка Mixtaper Stalley, all shot by the lovely and talented Marley Kate.

You might be saying to yourself “damn, thats a lot of really awesome artists. But they’re all so different!” Well, we don’t try to get boxed in by little things like a single genre. This brand was built around the eclecticism and we love and support a variety of incredible artists. Hell, if Mozart was still alive we’d be hookin’ his shit up, no doubt. You’ll also of course notice an abundance of dope threads in this clip (including your first peak at our Psychic TV/Genesis Breyer P-Orridge Capsule oh my!) so be on the lookout for the lookbook AND the collection, both coming soon.”

So check out the teaser video below and stay posted!

What NOT to do!

Shout outs to: Kiddrae

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