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The International STUSSY Tribe.

I was lucky enough to wake up this morning and come across this amazing look back on one of the “Godfather” brands of street wear, STUSSY. This is footage from BBC’s The Look that covers various brands like Chanel, Ralph Lauren and of course Stussy. In this clip you will see founder Shawn Stussy, James Jabbia and various other familiar faces. All this footage is brought to you by the late UK Tribe member James Lebon (RIP).
Here’s what Stussy had to say about the video:

“Every once in a while the past comes back to remind you of who you are. Many things have changed since this video was made, especially the fit of of those baggy pants, but one thing that hasn’t is our need for a Tribe. It is the most enduring concept of the Stussy heritage and something that still runs strong today.

It coulda been a posse, it coulda been a crew.. It’s definitely a group of people. It’s an International Tribe. It’s friends in all those cities.

Enjoy folks!

Bonus: Here are a couple of old 80’s ads!

Low Tide Ad (1988)

Where Ya From Ad (1988)

Roots Ad (1988)

Fresh Gear Ad (1988)