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Grape Cloth Seminar

Iain Duffus the founder and co-owner of the Richmond based street wear brand known as Grape Cloth, recently held a motivational seminar reflecting on his personal experiences in the clothing industry with students at Meadowbrook High school. Grape Cloth was founded in October 2010 and has garnered a great deal of recognition in the Richmond area in the past few months. Iain was contacted by school directors to speak to some of the students at Meadowbrook so that he could share his message that deals with having a positive attitude, dedication, staying creative, as well as building a better you. Iain works a full time job, helps raise two kids with his wife and co-owner of Grape Cloth, Erin Duffus, and somehow is able to run the Grape Clothing Line all at the same time. He shared a lot of relatable experiences and also stressed that staying focused, maintaining a strong work ethic, and taking advantage of every opportunity around you is imperative to your overall success.

Iain also brought his close friend Black Liquid, whom is also a radio DJ and rapper; he also had some deep words to share with the students of Meadowbrook. He touched on the importance of having a team, stating, “You won’t make it alone, therefore, you need to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who share similar ideals and views as yourself.” Black Liquid even referenced Bruce Lee’s “Enter the Dragon” and claimed, “getting started and focused as soon as possible is key, because it becomes difficult to invest your time in things you’re passionate about when you’re older. Therefore, putting off distractions and remaining focused will help you pursue your dreams.” His overall message outlined the importance of having a team to believe in you and “embracing” the longer path to success because the hard work will pay off.

The seminar was truly enlightening and gave all the kids, as well as myself, a lot to think about. A couple other topics that stood out to me dealt with: not being afraid to fail; work hard and take full accountability for your own errors and correct the situation; envision the entire picture and not just the positive or what you want to see; and lastly, social interactions between yourself and others that don’t get you anywhere should be avoided in order to achieve your goals.

You can check out Grape Cloth’s ads in this month’s RVA mag. Grape Cloth is currently being sold at local clothing boutiques West Coast Kicks, Katra Gala, and The Pizza Shop.

Seminar Photographs taken by: Cordell H.



Sunny Summer-like days always trigger a positive and nostalgic feeling for me. It’s those hot summer days in the early to late 1990s where I was raised and performed many of my devious acts on humanity! I’m sounding like a villain now, but anyways it’s been getting closer and closer to Summer and it sure has felt like that for days at a time down here in Richmond, VA. Everybody has been getting teased with 70 to 85 degree weather and it feels amazing! However, we all keep forgetting it’s NOT Summer! 😦 Well now that I am older I can’t exactly run around and eat candy all day (I’ll put that on my to-do list this Summer), so instead of running around I grabbed my homie Megan Goss , she brought her Canon T1i and we hit up the local river, Belle Isle. Now if your not a local down here in Richmond let me just say you HAVE TO GO! This little island is the perfect place for pirate vs. ninja fights, hanging out, and just a great spot to do mischievous things like running around with a chicken costume on. If you ever do check it out you will find that many locals and students frequent the island and will always make you feel like you belong in this mini paradise! So like I was saying earlier, Megan and myself took a couple shots for a mini photo shoot since we hadn’t gotten together in awhile and simply enjoyed the rest of the evening.
Here are a couple of the shots we were able to take that day and you can also check out our other photo shoot that was shot back in January HERE.

My FAVORITE shot of the day!

I was also featured on my friends Tumblr over at Fuckyeahporchchill. There are some photos there of this past Wednesday’s shenanigans on 4/20. All I’m going to say is that I was VERY comfortable laying on the grass!

Fuck YEAH! Now that’s some hard chillin! 🙂

The Boss.

I recently was able to get together with, Megan, a good friend of mine. She is currently enrolled here at VCU along with yours truly and is one of the nicest/coolest people I have ever met! We’ve known each other for a few years now and only recently was I introduced to her wonderful photography skills. She is an up and comer in photography and I hope that her hobby evolves into something much greater for her benefit. Anyways, I have done a few photo shoots with her in the past, but this time I was able to help her test out her new toy, the Canon Rebel T1i. I am extremely pleased with how these shots came out and I’m sure you will agree. Therefore, I will stop typing so we can move on to the photos!

If you were wondering where these photos were taken they are at Maymont Park located in Richmond, VA.

Here is the parks website:

For more of Megan’s work check out:

Expect to see more of Megan’s photography on my blog in the near future, stay tuned folks!