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Wu-Tang Clan x Fugazi = Wugazi

It’s finally here everyone! The Wu-Tang Clan and Fugazi mash-up known as Wugazi has finally dropped! Fans who grew up listening to either musical act can now listen to these head nodding tunes brought to you by the founding member of the Hip-Hop group Doomtree Cecil Otter and his friend Swiss Andy. This concept has grown immensely popular in recent times thanks to artists like Girl Talk and The Hood Internet, yet Wugazi is able to breath a fresh breath of air into an over saturated genre. To have two groups from opposite ends of the musical scale and mash them up into their own original sound is impressive! Be sure to download your copy of the project or stream it below!



Firs off, Raekwon’s Shaolin VS Wu-Tang album is out NOW!!!! Go cop that and thank your ears later. Today I have a 3 part video segment that SHHO posted on their website in correlation with his new album dropping and bringing Raekwon back to Richmond, VA for a meet-and-greet. These video segments were shot by theworstkids. The videos offer a closer look into some of the ideas and concepts behind the album’s tracks. These are really interesting looks into the music and any Wu-Tang/Raekwon/Hip-Hop fan will dig these! Enjoy and be sure to visit SHHO and theworstkids for more amazing work!

Shaolin vs Wu-Tang: Round 1. Raekwon touches on the head-nodding track “Rock N Roll”. Gives you his take on how he feels when listening to the track and acquiring the beat from DJ Khalil.

Shaolin vs Wu-Tang: Round 2. Here Rae speaks about the concept behind the track “Snake Pond” and it’s throwback feel to old Kung-Fu films.

Shaolin vs Wu-Tang: Final Round. Raekwon gives insight about what the track “Butter Knives” means which is a track filled with that classic East Coast/New York Hip-Hop sound we have come to expect from Raekwon.

Finally I’m going to leave you all with these wise words by Raekwon and the importance of sticking together as a group, having confidence and getting positive encouragement from your peers.